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Pam Dennis (Squamish)

We Can Do This Together (Autographed Copy)

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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We Can Do This Together (Autographed Copy)

Coronavirus! Pandemic! Physical Distancing! Global Crisis! Stay-home! These are words that have become part of our regular conversations. For our kids, these words may be confusing and scary, especially if they do not understand what they mean. All they know is life is different. Regular routines have changed at work, at school, shopping and visiting family or friends. Needing to do everything a bit differently can give you a lot of feelings. Maybe emotions that are new or perhaps challenging to figure out.

When your world experiences a new THING, how does it make you feel? This book uses delightful and cheery illustrations to introduce a forest world, where an adorable gray bunny with spiky hair and his forest friends learn to tackle their emotions and adjust to their changing world. Use the "how are you feeling" page to help your child identify their feelings by encouraging them to point to the animal character face that best describes their current emotion(s). Therefore, allowing your child to communicate their feelings if they are finding it difficult to express them with words. And for parents, it provides a space to further the conversation.

We are living in a strange new world, but it is our world, and we need to take care of it and the people on it. For the youngest members of our community, they need to share how the are feeling in a troubling time. They need to understand that if we come together and do our part, we can get through anything.

About the Author
Pam Dennis is a new children's book author and illustrator. She is excited to launch her debut book, We Can Do This Together. Dennis has a background in hospitality and corporate event planning and has always loved writing. Her hobby has turned out the release of her first children's book, with her sights set on many more. Dennis lives with her family in British Columbia, Canada.

We Can Do This Together (Autographed Copy)