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Baltic Club

Paint By Number - Floralia Baltic Club

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Paint By Number - Floralia Baltic Club

Revel in this peaceful opportunity to bring your wall art to life! Ideal for adults and children, this task needs care and accuracy. 

The kit includes:

  • Pre-printed 12"x18" numbered canvas: A high-quality canvas, with the paint areas clearly marked by numbers to guide you.
  • Numbered non-toxic acrylic paint pots: A selection of durable and vibrant acrylic paints, perfectly matched to the canvas and corresponding to the numbers on the canvas.
  • 3 brushes: Brushes to meet all your painting needs, from fine details to broad brush strokes.
  • Wood hangers
  • Instructions: Clear and detailed instructions to help you get started and progress throughout your painting project
Paint By Number - Floralia Baltic Club