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Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App

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Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App

Step into the realms of boundless magic, treacherous quests, and the tantalizing allure of the unknown. For fans of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, and Shadow and Bone comes a tale that’s in a league of its own.

Ana Zest might look like your ordinary teen, dreaming of Hollywood stardom, but she’s anything but typical. With enigmatic violet eyes that hide a secret even she’s unaware of, her life takes a fantastical turn when she and her brother, Zackary, are thrust into an enchanting multiverse and find themselves in the heart of a cosmic mystery.

Ana gets her wish for the role of a lifetime as she explores the multiverse and encounters a wild and wonderful cast of characters, including a talking dog. As Ana and Zackary unravel the mystery of the multiverse, they discover a world in peril. Its fate lies in the hands of the one foretold by prophecy. Could it be Ana?

Everything goes terribly wrong when the evil Censor kidnaps Zackary and holds him hostage. Can Ana save her brother and this world? Will she overcome the forces of evil, claim her magical birthright, and fulfill the prophecy?

Dive into the multiverse, where destiny awaits at the crossroads of magic and mystery. The cosmos has never been this enthralling!

"In this debut YA fantasy series-starter, Earth-born siblings find themselves stranded in a parallel world that suffers under a fiendish ruler’s reign ... Winter’s opening installment showcases a colorful primary cast—particularly Ana and Zackary, who make a superb duo. She dreams of being a Hollywood actor and is protective toward her brother, who’s immunocompromised and certain he’s a “goner,” even though his cancer is currently in remission. Their family has intriguing secrets, as well; their uncle hints at an unknown family “truth,” and their dad insists that Ana wear colored contact lenses to hide her naturally violet eyes. The supporting cast, too, is memorable." - Kirkus Reviews

Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App