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Karen Anderson-Hurd (CA)

Bark, Bark, Bark! Let's Go to the Doggy Park

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Bark, Bark, Bark! Let's Go to the Doggy Park

This is a story about friendship between two small dogs named Alexander + Sophia. Join these two cute, playful pups to see their fun interactions with other dogs when they meet at the doggy park. Some dogs are short and small, whereas some are pretty big and tall, but there are dogs of all shapes and sizes, making each and every doggy special and unique. Not only do they give us unconditional love, but lots of emotional support and happiness, too! So come follow along on this colourful adventure around Miami Beach to find out why we love our dogs so much.

Karen Anderson-Hurd is an American-Canadian author. She was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, making her a native Floridian. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature & Writing from FSU, and she also studied on the London Program in England. She is well-travelled, having been to more than 50 countries, and has lived in London, UK; Vancouver, Canada; New York City; and Miami Beach, Florida. She lived in Miami Beach for nearly twenty years and has always loved living by the ocean, being immersed by the tropical art deco style that is so bold and iconic. Over the years, she has written and published several articles in magazines, but this is her first children's book. This book is written as a narrative poem to tell a story because of its simple rhyme scheme. This is great for young readers because it's easy to keep the pace where the words and sentences share the exact assonance and number of syllables, making it more fun for kids to read. Karen currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and their rescue dog named Marley. And she has already finished writing her next book, which is also about another fun-loving pup!

Bark, Bark, Bark! Let's Go to the Doggy Park