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Kallie George (CA)

Mushrooms Know

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Mushrooms Know

An adorable, STEM-themed picture book for kids 4 to 8 that reveals the wisdom mushrooms have to teach us.

Mushrooms always wear their thinking caps. They know so many things. This vibrant and informative book shares the fascinating lessons that fungi can teach us: that small can be mighty, being unique is a reason to celebrate—and staying connected is key. Sara Gillingham’s lively art and Kallie George’s charming text captures the wondrous world of mushrooms, and everything we can learn from it.

Featuring over fifty kinds of mushrooms, Mushrooms Know shares:
  • Engaging informational side bars with wild facts about mushrooms (such as how some are so strong they can grow through cement, and others can glow in the dark!)
  • Backmatter that dives further into the science
  • Important life lessons (including how to help each other and keep our homes clean)
For budding mycologists and forest adventurers alike, this is a must-have addition to the science and nature bookshelf.

Mushrooms Know