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Keira Rose

Mothers of the Claw

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Mothers of the Claw

Af if motherhood isn't hard enough...

Moving to a new town is never easy, particularly when there happens to be a hole to the underworld within the city limits.

Angie, the new blood in town, is forced to leave the safety of her house when her daughter’s blowout obliterates their sole remaining diaper. Equipped with holy water, garlic, and a silver knife, she hazards a trip to Enumclaw’s grocery store, where a near catastrophic meltdown in the diaper aisle lands her an invite to a local moms’ group.

Angie’s desire for alcohol and grown-up conversation outweighs her fear of the locals, and she decides to join. To her great surprise, she realizes supernatural mothers aren’t much different than herself… aside from their struggles with bite training and night howling.

No sooner does Angie find her tribe, than strange things begin happening within the group. Children are kicked out of daycares. Nannies go missing. Suspicion of a rival mom’s group—that just so happens to be a coven of witches—puts Angie’s newfound fondness for Enumclaw to the test. Drunken covert recon missions, undercover espionage, a psychic from the underworld, and even a trip to the black market, pushes her to her limits.

Sleep deprived, over-caffeinated, and stressed beyond their limits, the moms’ group bands together to take down the bitchy witches. But when the time comes, will Angie defend her new friends, or succumb to her fear of The Claw?

This comedic Women's Fiction--with just a little bit of spice--celebrates the rollercoaster that is motherhood, and the mom friend's that help us to survive it.

Keira Rose is a mother of two little Hellions. She currently lives in BC, Canada where she writes and rock climbs—during nap times. Her stories are a reflection of her experience with motherhood; the good, the bad, and the poopy. They are a celebration of moms, the love of their children, and the mom friends who help them through it all.

Mothers of the Claw