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Pamela Morgan

Simply Skye

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Simply Skye

Avi's doll Skye is not a boy or a girl. Neither is Avi. But what will their family think? Avi uses Skye to explore gender expression and identity and also to discover how their family will react to Avi's own nonbinary identity. Breaking gender stereotypes, Avi's clothing choices and actions show their brother, sister, and parents who they really are as their family gradually understands and accepts Avi's identity.

As the mother of a nonbinary child, author Pamela Morgan wanted to make the books her child wasn't finding on bookshelves. She is a fierce advocate for transgender rights and an award-winning author and playwright. Illustrator Heather Bell grew up playing tea party, war, and squirrel adventures. The labels "girl" and "boy" never fully fit as Heather felt like both. It would be years before Heather heard the term "non-binary" and felt understood and seen. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and a mother, illustrator Heather Bell sensitively portrays Avi's story with relatable emotions and family dynamics.
A touching story of self-acceptance, Simply Skye is a great starting point for discussions of diversity and understanding others and building SEL skills.
Simply Skye