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Pippa Mellon

The Story of Easter

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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The Story of Easter

Rejoice in Jesus’s love by reading together this story of Easter, a story that inspires hope and reflection. Before there was the Easter bunny or baskets filled with treats, there was a gentle man named Jesus who showed the world his love for all. Richly detailed illustrations are perfect for young listeners. Read-aloud text is crafted for experienced older children and adult storytellers. Grandparents will create beloved Easter memories by reading to grandchildren. Wonderful gift for every Christian family that wishes to embrace the true meaning of Easter.

  • Thicker pages than a regular storybook to allow for reading over and over again without traditional wear and tear from kiddos.
  • Richly illustrated keepsake book with hardcover intended for families and children of all ages.
  • Easter traditions are included at the end of the story.
  • The perfect Easter basket gift for your little boy or girl to learn about the life of Jesus.
  • Add this beautiful story to our companion title, The First Christmas: The Story of Jesus, for a wonderful, two-story telling of the birth and life of Jesus. 

The Story of Easter