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Judith Henderson (CA)

Willa and Wade and the Way-Up-There

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Willa and Wade and the Way-Up-There

Two best friends follow their flights of fancy in this charming early reader graphic novel. Best friends Willa and Wade really want to fly. Sure, Willa's an ostrich and Wade's a penguin. But there must be something they can think of that will get them off the ground! The two thorough thinkers try different ways - from pirouettes to pogo sticks - to catch some air. But while they do a lot of trying, it doesn't lead to any flying! Will the friends ever find a way to reach their lofty goal? Judith Henderson's graphic novel series for early readers features two lovable characters with an adventurous spirit and loads of heart. What the pair learn here is that, while ingenuity and effort can sometimes bring great results, having your best friend beside you to enjoy the experience is what really matters. Sara Sarhangpour's expressive illustrations, just a few per spread, supply just the right amount of humor and sweetness. With a lighthearted touch, this book encourages readers to follow their curiosity and try out their ideas, and provides child-friendly explorations of science concepts like forces and motion, properties of air and characteristics of flight.
Willa and Wade and the Way-Up-There