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Sylvia Linsteadt

The Wild Folk Rising

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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The Wild Folk Rising

The City Brothers thought the Country a barren place. Now they know it’s teeming with stargold, Country girl Comfrey and City boy Tin must save the magical Wild Folk from their evil clutches. On a journey from the deadly Underworld to the highest mountain, they’ll need all their courage and ingenuity to stop the devastation of the land they love. The sequel and finale to the magical fantasy adventure The Wild Folk rooted in folklore, nature and mythology. Timeless adventure combining magic, animal spirits and folklore; a future classic filled with wonder and unforgettable characters. Perfect for fans of Philip Pullman, Ursula Le Guin and Frances Hardinge. Sylvia V. Linsteadt lives in a pine forest near the ocean at the edge of California, with mostly deer and foxes for neighbours. When she isn’t writing novels, short stories or poems about the lives of wild creatures or the magic of old myths, she likes to wander the hills looking for animal tracks or medicinal herbs. And one day a week she works in a bookshop in Point Reyes.
The Wild Folk Rising