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India Desjardins (CA)

Whales and Us

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Whales and Us

In the course of history, humans have had a negative impact on the lives of whales.

There are many stories and legends about whales. Humans have long been fascinated by these majestic creatures. Maybe it’s their immense size or their mysterious songs. But how many of the stories are true? What do we really know about whales? And are we a threat to these creatures that captivate us?

Author India Desjardins offers a glimpse into the lives of whales—their history, environment, biology and behavior. She explores our relationships with whales and the dangers that threaten their existence, and she shares what we can do to help keep them safe. Whales and Us is a beautifully illustrated tribute to these fragile giants and a powerful call to action, with the hope that they will never stop roaming the world’s oceans.

Whales and Us