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Alice Dussutour

Born A Girl

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Born A Girl

“This informative and inspiring offering should help teens assert their rights.”— Booklist, starred review

When you’re born a girl, some parts of the world are kinder places to grow up in than others.

Meet Kaneila, Jade, Mahnoosh, Makena and Luisa. They are five girls in five different countries whose lives are overshadowed by violence and injustice, just because they are female. These girls navigate the challenges and horrors of period poverty, female genital mutilation, lack of access to education, body shaming and femicide. The stories are heartbreaking but also inspiring, as the girls are surrounded by people who bring hope and speak out for equality.

Following each story is a section that explains the real-life circumstances for girls in many parts of the world, important terms, and what girls and women are doing to take action today.

For these girls, their individual experiences of being born a girl may be different, but their desire for freedom and equality is universal.

Born A Girl