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Beth Ferry

Fox & Rabbit Celebrate (Fox & Rabbit Book #3)

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Fox & Rabbit Celebrate (Fox & Rabbit Book #3)

Fox & Rabbit Celebrate is the third book in New York Times bestselling author Beth Ferry and illustrator Gergely Dudás’s graphic novel series.
Fox and Rabbit are cooking up something very special for Sparrow’s birthday! Sparrow loves food, so Fox and Rabbit team up with Owl to create the world’s biggest pizza. But, since they don’t have the world’s biggest oven, they don’t know how to cook it.
Fox and Rabbit decide to ask for help from Dragon. They’ve never met Dragon (who hopefully likes to eat pizza, not foxes or rabbits . . . ), but they find their courage together. Dragon wants to help but has never eaten pizza. In fact, Dragon has never had a friend or been to a birthday party before, either. It’s up to Fox and Rabbit to change all that!
This third outing in the Fox & Rabbit series celebrates the ways in which differences can bring friends together.
“Dudás’ full-color cartoon illustrations complement Ferry’s chipper tone and punny dialogue for an upbeat woodland romp.” —Kirkus Reviews
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