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What Happens Next?: Science Fair Frenzy

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What Happens Next?: Science Fair Frenzy

In the second volume of the What Happens Next? graphic novel series, YOU decide whether Sunbright Middle School's science fair is a success or if it all goes up in flames!

Megan Hathaway came to Sunbright Middle School’s Science and Invention Fair expecting to have fun—she and her friend Charlotte had prepared a presentation on crow calls, and their table gave her a great view of her crush, Dillon. But for some reason, everything is going wrong.

There are lemons all over the hallways, Megan’s parents insist on embarrassing her, and there are rumors that the monstrous Sunbright Muck Man is on the hunt! Can YOU help Megan get through this day with her dignity and her life?! With over 25 different parallel realities to explore in Science Fair Frenzy, there’s gotta be at least one where Megan gets a happy ending…right*?!

*We cannot confirm the existence of a happy ending in Science Fair Frenzy.

What Happens Next?: Science Fair Frenzy