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Maxwell Eaton, III

Survival Scout: Tsunami

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Survival Scout: Tsunami

Return to Scout's world of natural-disaster mishaps in the second installment of the Survival Scout graphic novel series - this time to learn about tsunamis. Perfect for fans of Scholastic's I SURVIVED series!

Learn the skills you need to survive a TSUNAMI.

1) Learn the causes: Did you know that a big earthquake can be a sign that a tsunami might hit?

2) Recognize the signs: If it looks like the ocean is pulling away from the shore, RUN! This means a tsunami could be on the way!

3) Evacuate: Always have a bag of essential items packed and an evacuation route planned. You never know when it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Remember, if you live near a coast and see the warning signs, DON'T WAIT - get to higher ground. And stay safe out there!

Join Scout and her talking skunk companion in this witty, useful, and funny graphic novel about how to survive a tsunami.

Survival Scout: Tsunami