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Jennifer Gray Olson

Party Pooper

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Party Pooper

A hilarious, yet tender and sincere picture book about making mistakes, owning up to them, and asking forgiveness.

Every party has a pooper. You may not have wanted one. You certainly did not invite one. But, inevitably, every party will have one. So what should you do?

Maybe you can interest the pooper in a game? Hopefully the pooper doesn't lay down in defeat in the middle of your Twister mat... oh, there he goes. Directly on the blue dot you needed.

Perhaps you can entice the pooper with a delicious, scrumptious cake? Unless the pooper sticks his booger-y fingers directly into the layer you were most excited to eat... sigh.

Oh, I know what to do! Let's. Party. HARDER.

Until... things get taken too far. Then it might be time to take a step back and do the hardest thing of all: apologize.

In Party Pooper, Jennifer Gray Olson tackles complex SEL themes with expertise, grace, and laugh-out-loud humor. It's a thoughtful, yet entertaining examination that has equal empathy for the party goers and, of course, the party pooper.

Party Pooper