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Heather Conn

Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch

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Non-Fiction / Reference

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Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch

Annie is a little girl who loves to play in the rainforest. When Annie meets a giant new friend amongst the trees, she can hardly believe her eyes- or her nose! Join her as she learns about her new stinky pal: he's ticklish! He shows her how to weave a soft nest with leaves and branches, a secret cave and how to hide behind logs and trees. She teaches him new games and how to give a high five. Annie tries to turn her mother into a Bigfoot believer, but nothing works until the day Annie brings her new friend home for a bubbly bath - then hilarity and chaos begin. Extra content and resources will leave readers wondering about the legend and science behind this mysterious creature.

Proceeds of this book go to pediatric palliative care provided in British Columbia. Peppermint Toast is honoured to support places of comfort and compassion where children with life-threatening illnesses can experience the simple joys of being a child and families can cherish moments together.

Heather Conn, MFA, is the author of the picture book Gracie’s Got a Secret (MW Book Publishing, 2011) and two adult history books. She wrote for the CBC children’s TV show Hopscotch and c-created an outdoor awareness program for kids in Vancouver. Heather works as a writing instructor, writing coach, and freelance writer and editor. Lillian Lai is a Vancouver-based illustrator and collaborated on Heather’s last book Gracie’s Got a Secret. She works as an art director in animation, creating content for kids’ television.

Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch