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SJ King

The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission

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The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission

Blast off into space with this lunar themed installment of DK Books’ new educational fiction series for children.

Meet the Secret Explorers—a band of brainiac kids from all over the world. Everyone in this diverse group of young experts has a specialty, from outer space to dinosaurs, and each story follows a character who gets chosen for a “secret exploration.”
In this fun, fact-filled children’s book, space expert Roshni and geology expert Cheng blast off into outer space on a mission to the moon. There, they must navigate the dangerous terrain to clear up space debris before it can interfere with a lunar mission! Along the way the Secret Explorers pilot a space buggy and collect important rock samples. (STORY DETAILS TBC).
With a gripping narrative that keeps kids engaged, 
The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission book by SJ King is the perfect gift for children who are into all things space. It’s written for children aged 7-9 years, with lots of information about astronomy and space, to give them an exciting introduction to lunar exploration.
At the end of this fictional book, you’ll find “Roshni’ Mission Notes” which is a summary of all the scientific facts and discoveries made throughout the story. With fun illustrations, quizzes, and a vocabulary list, the educational value of this book is outstanding and great for a classroom read!
The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission