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Awfully Hilarious: Stories We Never Tell

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Awfully Hilarious: Stories We Never Tell

These are the untold tales of our times.

This hand-selected crew of emerging writers share brave, true stories that the world needs right now. If you’ve ever gotten drunk, peed your pants in public, or gone on a bad date, you’ll find solace here. This is a courageous tell-all, from the trenches of Tinder, to the kinds of experiences with tiny toilets that we’ve all been told to keep to ourselves. These refreshing pages contain the kind of poignant and hilarious truth-telling that have the power to heal us all.

This project was conceived by Heather Hendrie and two of her best friends when they scooped her up to console her after a particularly bad date—to provide the same support to others, in literary form.

Heather is a creative radical who’s spent years fumbling through life and figuring it out as she goes (not unlike the rest of us). She’s travelled the world on a shoestring and a whim, and spent far too many hours lying in bed alone (or on the toilet in the bar) swiping through to the end of the Tinder-verse.

From her humble beginnings as a Ms Frizzle look-alike guiding bus tours through landfills in Calgary, she’s learned a lot about life by stumbling her way from one disaster to another. Heather has also used these life experiences to become a clinical counsellor, and through that work and her humble, intimate writing style, she reaches out a hand to all the rest of us, as we all simply Bumble our way through life, together.

Awfully Hilarious: Stories We Never Tell